Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playing on the Balance Beam

I had the opportunity today to go to a recital at a very prestigious New York City public school for the arts, right across from Julliard. It was an incredible display of young talent. Here are children who are really being pushed towards artistic perfection.

Which is the very thing "Rising Stars" will question. I do believe training children is excellent. But as in all things, there needs to be balance. Young girls who mess up their bodies to be Olympic gymnasts at the pressure from grown-ups, is just wrong.

I don't know if any of the parents or teachers are pushing these kids too hard-- but I hope they have balance. I hope that these children aren't spending every waking moment practicing and rehearsing. I hope these children get time to be children. To laugh. To play. To make mistakes. To grow up without the adult pressures and responsibilities inherit to grownups.

I hope parents aren't living vicariously through their children. Or pressuring them to succeed so that they'll look like better parents. And I know it's an excellent post to think about as I train my own children.

Free to play. These children grow up to be healthier adults.

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