Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fishing Lines

Today we went fishing. We found one place where every cast brought back a rainbow trout. It was magical. With the kids, it's also amazing how tangled the fishing lines can get.

Recently I thought about the duality of man that the Apostle Paul puts forth, especially in Romans. The spirit versus the flesh. Purpose versus ego. The task before me is to more quickly identify my own flesh and put it to death. When the flesh has it's way along down the road, the damage is more monumental.

That's where the fishing lines come in. The spirit and flesh are like two tangled fishing lines. What I have to do is identify and cut out the flesh one. And others around me can identify it a lot faster. So if I put away my insecurities and actually listen in humility, I'll be able to accept the help and more readily cut out the ego.

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