Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Confessions from the Audition Room, Pt. 3

So here we are, about to break for lunch. Today is hectic. Instead of ten minute schedules, we've gone to five. And the last two people haven't shown up. I'm told NYC is like this. I do know in Dallas, we don't have the number of no-shows that we get here in NYC.

We've got a shorter lunch today as we work in more people. But I did get time to check email. I had put a status up on Facebook about being in auditions. Then I got messaged from an actor demanding why I hadn't informed him we were auditioning.

I can't speak for other directors and filmmakers, but I get inundated with actors. From email, websites, facebook, friends and family making recommendations of their actor friends and family. It's a mountain and very difficult to keep up with. My standard response is to ask them join the Facebook group, the yahoo groups and I try to keep everyone up to date via announcements.

Also, for you actors, as a director, I think it's better to get yourself in front of Casting Directors. Since I am a director, I don't do as many films as a Casting Director in a year. And when I do a movie, I'm looking for very specific types of people. Like this current movie-- it's all about high schoolers.

Now going back to the audition sessions, after four full days of casting, it does start to be a beatdown. I've noticed I'm a bit quicker to release an actor. Especially when we've overbooked and we've got to hurry. But for you actors, it doesn't mean you're not it or getting a callback-- one of the shortest auditions today is a lock for one of the roles.

In a little bit, after the last audition, we're going to go through and pick callbacks. A couple are locks in our mind, but we'll call them back to see how the others might read against them.

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