Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rising Stars

Some people have asked what's next, and we now have that answer. Doberman Entertainment out of New York City has asked me to write and direct a film this August, about teenagers on the verge of making it big in music and film. The movie is called "Rising Stars" and will be shot in Fort Worth, Texas.

The movie will be comparable to "The Imposter". It will be music based (but not a musical). The subject deals with the pressure kids have these days to grow up too early-- resulting in adults who don't know how to play.

Repeating their crew roles from Imposter will be: Stewart Young as our Line Producer/1st AD, Ron Gonzalez as our Director of Photography. Jeff Rodgers as Co-Producer and local casting, Courtney Price as Associate Producer, Mike Gonzalez production sound. I'm going to start working on confirming others. There won't be that many paid roles and we will be looking for volunteers.

We're close to signing on big Christian music star and we're making an offer today on a major Hollywood star. But all these have to be confirmed before we can announce it.

If you'd like to help the movie, let me know!


  1. I live in the CT area, and just turned 21 years old, but if you need a versatile musician to help in any way with guitar, bass, or drums (even a little synth work here and there) let me know. I can figure something out if you need some kind of music based help or whatever. Let me know.

  2. Sounds interesting. I'm a 1st AC based in Ohio. Have done several recent features on RED. If Ron is in need of an assistant, please keep me in mind. I would be happy to forward my resume. My work experience is viewable online at Thanks!

  3. Hi Mike... email me at .

  4. Hi Sir Daniel.. I'm one of your fan here in the PHilippines,im waiting for the Rising STars movie..