Sunday, June 14, 2009

Greenlighting Yourself

One of the things I get asked a lot by beginning filmmakers is how to get started. First you need an Idea. Then a Script. Then Money. With Money and a Script, you have greenlit yourself.

Some people will work on writing the killer script and ship it for the money to make it. The problem there is that most epople in the film business, if your script is actually as hot as that, will want to purchase it from you and make it themselves. But alas, you want to attach yourself to direct.

The Ben Younger route is a lottery chance. He's the one who wrote a killer script and turned down six figure offers for a purchase because he wanted to direct. Finally he did get the chance to direct and Boiler Room is the result. And his career is off and running.

Another route is to raise the money from private investors. Still very difficult, you will need to spend money to raise money. First, setup an entity, like an Limited Partnership or LLC. Second, you will need all the legal documents. As always, consult an attorney for this part (thus, the spending money to raise money).

Draw up a Business Plan that is well thought through. Think about what your potential investors want. Research.

Then, be prepared for a lot of no's. But hopefully, you'll get your yes's sprinkled in.

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