Friday, June 12, 2009


Some churches are really working on promoting their screening of "The Imposter." Here are some things your church can do:
* Bulletin Announcements
* Playing the trailer in your church service
* Playing the trailer from your churches website
* One church even creates their own "trailer" using the created one, wrapped inside announcements of their own
* Put up posters, not only in church, but the local Christian book stores
* Contact the local radio stations and let them know about your event
* Get the radio station in contact with me and we'll get them some of the music from the movie to start playing
* I find tickets help attendance-- even if the event is free. Tickets seem to cut down on the "no-shows."

We have a support website for churches that purchase an exhibition license that has posters, trailers, ticket templates, bulletin announcements and more.

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