Sunday, June 21, 2009

Center of the Onion

As my mentor explains after twenty-five years of counseling, when you peel back the dysfunctional onion layers of a persons life, you usually find Insecurity and/or Feelings of Inferiority at the root of most problems.

So in celebration of the casting process, why is that actors have a stereotype of being especially "insecure?" Feel free, all you actors or experts to comment in on this.

To me, it's very simple. It's not that actors are generally more insecure, it's just that, as artists, they have to expose themselves more than the non artist. Exposing yourself is a very, very scary position to be in... Extremely vulnerable. And any insecurity in there will be brought out right away. So you actors, it's not that are more insecure, it's that your occupation exposes it.

Now, to me, the key is exposing-- revealing, pulling down the masks, removing the Imposter. The more honest I become, the more I understand Truth, the less insecure I become. For me, the closer I draw to God, to Jesus, the more I see who I really am-- my true identity. Knowing... comprehending who I am is the best pill for the disease of Insecurity.


  1. Yes, I think being an actor does position us to be exposed more than other professions. So why do we choose acting if that's the case? I think for myself, it's trying to find those to love us, choose us, prefer us. Only in Christ can we truly know "being loved." BUT,... When there was no earthly example of that type of love it can be a real chase scene, wanting, craving approval. That's why renewing our minds everyday with the Word is so important. It keeps us in a place of knowing the real Fathers' love.

  2. Definitely agree with the first comment that what drives many actor (and their insecurities) is a need for approval, one is that is at times, unfortunately insatiable. Love for the art of acting comes second to "booking" something so that it can stuff a resume, validate one as a worthy actor, and impress one's peers.

    Then for the non-spiritual actor: how can one kill the metaphorical flesh? I believe it's possible, and I really love what Dan said about exposing the masks and pulling down the facades, understanding one's true self in order to get rid of those crippling insecurities.

    Any more thoughts on that?

  3. It like what I mentioned earlier today with the "fight or flight" theory in the sympathetic nervous system. When one is placed in a position of stress, the body's instinctual reaction is to flee from the situation or to fight it. What is so incredible about this craft, however, is that as actors, we willingly put ourselves in that position of stress, and when our bodies instinctually turn to run or go to put up our defenses, we instead do the exact opposite and stand still, breath, and speak. So yes, we are very much insecure individuals in that we continually place ourselves in positions to be scruitinzed and rejected. However, we are also unbelievably secure in that we can depend on our hope, faith, drive, whatever it is that keeps us coming back, to stand with control and peace when biologically we should be freaking out.

    It was wonderful to meet you today.

  4. Stevie, very nice meeting you today. I probably shouldn't be, but was surprised that someone coming to an audition had visited the blog. No matter what happens on the casting, I hope you keep in touch.

  5. A little surprise it always a good thing. I enjoy your blog. I look forward to more and I absolutely will be keeping in touch with you.
    Until next time...