Monday, June 15, 2009


In the title of this whole blog site, it appears I'm into flagellation. Or self-mutilation. But that is far from the truth.

When the Apostle Paul writes about the "flesh," he talks about killing it. Jesus mentions that he who tries to save himself, will lose himself. I believe that the word flesh encompasses the desires of the flesh-- the very desires brought about by Adam's disobedience in the garden. Otherwise known as "ego." So that we're on the same terms, please understand that I use the word "Ego" for the "Flesh" that is mentioned in Paul's epistles.

So self mutilation is stupid. Killing the Ego is crucial. And recognizing the true identity of who I am, the person God created (Psalm 139) is also crucial. So on the one hand, I dedicate myself to killing myself, and on the other hand, I dedicate myself to loving myself. Because, as Jesus spoke about the greatest commandment is to Love the Lord with all heart, soul, mind and strength, the second greatest is to "love your neighbor as you love yourself." If I hate myself, how can I love my neighbor?

So for you non-Disciples out there reading this-- yes it seems schizo. Because there are two of me. And there's two of you. Hopefully the one that God created hasn't been totally squashed by the Ego.

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