Monday, October 4, 2010

Top Blogs from September

The most read for September was discussing why Christian movies are cheesy (click here to read it).  This entry was written after I had read some discussions about this on the web.  One person claimed that Christian movies were cheesy because they lacked the budget.  This is absolutely inaccurate.

Usually, the cheese factor begins with the script.  The Christian screenwriter is faced with some tough obstacles that secular screenwriters don't have to worry about.  The Christian story is usually an internal conflict-- and a lot of church-people shy away from external conflict (because we all know there's no conflict in the church).  And too often, the writer resorts to on the nose dialogue to reveal that internal conflict.  Also, the Christian screenwriter's audience is very opinionated when it comes to doctrine and exactly what message you are trying to get across... so the Christian film, if it wants any kind of numbers for an audience, will have to keep the subject matter in a safe environment.  These are just a few of the obstacles.

The second most read post was about Tolerance-- which is the latest religion (you can read it by clicking here).  The church culture of today places real importance on "being nice" to everyone.  There's a mistaken view that being "Christian" is to befriend everyone-- accept everyone.  It's certainly what the American culture is emphasizing today.  But Jesus, who I would think was the first "Christian," did not "accept" everyone.  He asked too much from the Rich Young Ruler.  He called a gentile woman who's crime was that she was too loud in begging for help for her daughter, a dog.  Two early Christians dropped dead for lying.  I Corinthians 5 is heavy duty about not being tolerant in the church.  The Disciple cannot ever be tolerant of sin and still be a Disciple. (Rom 8).

These were the two top posts for September.

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