Monday, October 18, 2010


A little boy can tell you all about his toy ball.  How it flies through the air.  How it carries passengers.  How it's long and narrow.  Before too long, you're scratching your head asking him to describe this ball.  He says it has wings and a propeller.  You know.  A ball.

It's critical to have common definitions when talking with people.  If someone says they love their spouse, it could be that they're really talking about "chicken love." (search this blog for "chicken love" for definition). 

For instance, recently someone took umbrage about my "success."  I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read that one.  He saw me as someone who is extremely successful.  His reason why was because I've made some movies.  I've written them, directed and seen them distributed... ergo I'm successful.

I do not define success by worldly accomplishment... or if you'd rather-- temporal accomplishments.  The only time in the Bible Jesus talked about "success" was when he said "well done thou good and faithful servant."  Success is defined by how faithful to what He's asked me to do I am.  I can be extremely successful and never had made one movie.  I can not be successful and have millions coming in from the latest blockbuster.

I know that wanting to make a movie burns inside you.  You can't rest until you do it.  It's what you think about and dream about.  But please don't make the mistake thinking that someone who's done it is "successful."  All a person is who made a movie is a person who made a movie.

Obedience and follow through-- that's what success is.

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