Friday, October 8, 2010

Movie Review - The Way Home

The Way Home, distributed by big company Lion's Gate, has just hit the Christian stores.  Starring Dean Cain, this movie ups the ante for Christian storytellers.

What I like about this film, compared to many other Christian movies is that it rings true.  And with good reason-- the story is based on true life.  Back in 2000, father Randy Simpkins (played by Cain) is helping his wife pack the car for vacation.  Being a distracted father and husband came easily for Simpkins and it doesn't take long for their two-year old son Joe to disappear from the driveway of their rural house.

With lots of danger in the form of woods, wells, lakes and rivers, the search for Joe quickly escalates until the entire community is helping out.  The two plots in this movie are Simpkins and his strained relationship with God and his family-- and the other plot is the community, especially an old man, Ed Walker, who won't give up looking for the lost toddler.

Dean Cain puts in a wonderful performance.  He makes Randy so relate-able that I'm quickly drawn in to his predicament.   I do wish some of the other actors had Cain's expertise, but that's okay.  The Way Home pulls at the right heart strings and shows us real Christianity taking place in the face of a crises.  The prayer scenes, so on-the-nose and hokey in other movies is done in a real way.

Children-in-peril movies are extremely difficult-- I ought to know, my first two movies were children-in-peril.  First, you have to get a toddler actor-- and for any of you filmmakers, avoid children and animals.  Often you have to just take what you get. 

Technically, the movie is handled by professionals.  The cinematography is stunning.  The sound is great (in other words, I never noticed bad sound).  The locations are perfect.  The music, though a bit heavy handed in the beginning (uh-oh, something bad's gonna happen now, because here's the heavy, something's bad gonna happen now music), is beautiful.

For all of us complaining about the quality of Christian movies, well here you go.  This is one of the better ones out there.  Perfect for the family on a Friday night-- watch it and then discuss it.  Your family will be stronger for it.

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