Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hi __________,
Thanks for meeting with me today.  I think you'll like our line up of membership levels-- I'm positive we'll find the right one for you.  Looking for fire insurance?  Well look no further!  Simply bow your head, repeat after me, and you're covered!  No monthly premiums (although a few Sundays a month would be nice.  And oh yeah, your tithe would be great too).  We do have a more substantial memberships, but you can take this entry level fire insurance and that's okay.  It's all you need.

End sales pitch here.

Contrary to what seminaries are teaching, Jesus did not create multiple levels of membership into God's Kingdom.  I know of one seminary that teaches Jesus as Savior and also Jesus as Lord.  Like you can have one without the other.  And this is a fundamental problem in the church today.  I do not believe that you can accept Jesus as Savior and not as Lord.  You can't get a basic membership.  You have to get the premium plan.

I know of friends that claim to have the Savior package but clearly by their life and the fruit therein, that's as far as their membership goes.  I think they may have gotten sold a false bill of goods.

Jesus as Lord is heavy duty.  It requires change-- walking away from life in the flesh (ego) and towards a life of Purpose in God.

Next time you hear the two different membership levels preached, remember there's really only one.  Hope you have your card.

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