Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Recently I was speaking at a meeting of Christians in media.  The room probably had 100 to 150 people in it.  I asked how many had already purchased The Imposter, thinking that a couple would raise their hands and I'd hand out a couple CD soundtracks.  What I didn't expect was no hands raised.

Now, I'm not necessarily pushing just for Imposter, but as a whole, we indie filmmakers need your help.  If you absolutely disagree or don't like the premise, then fine.  But as the Geiko gecko keeps asking, what's stopping the rest of you?

We need your help.  The best way is to go down to the local Christian bookstore and snap up the copy of Imposter on the shelves.  Or order from an online source like our friends at For us to be able to make more and better Christian movies, we need everyone to get their own copy.

So I'm asking-- can you go and purchase a DVD of The Imposter?  They also make great gifts-- the holidays aren't that far away.  Buy a couple to give away.  It has a great message of taking off the masks and masquerades we Christians wear.

Another way to help would be to talk to your pastor about screening the movie at your church.  But don't just buy the home DVD-- license the movie for public exhibition.  PureFlix has set up a great way to do this-- go here to the website, and they even have a way for the pastor to watch the movie first.

We need your help.  Please support indie films and please support The Imposter.


  1. A current "problem" for film makers is the easy way to rent the DVD movie (or download it to my laptop or Ipod/pad/kindle/nano)from a website rather than buy it. There are several Christian and secular movies that I have seen/want to see and it's easy to rent them rather than taking out a loan to buy them all. Then I may or may not buy it (storing all of them can be a problem). I'm sure other directors/producers/distributors/music people are in the same predicament. ATLEAST RENT "THE IMPOSTER"! The movie and extras are worth the rental or purchase dollars.

  2. Well, "The Imposter" isn't on iTunes, as I briefly hoped. Maybe my mom can find it in a Christian bookstore and send it to me.

  3. I think this is a good opportunity for Christians to take stock of why they call themselves a Christian? In my opinion, the best way to bring people to Christ is to lead by example & support what you believe in. If you saw the Imposter or another Christian film at a friends house or at a church showing, then buy the film! How do we expect quality Christian entertainment to be made (funded) without support of Christ followers. Not to mention looking like hypocrites to our secular friends. This is also a great opportunity to break the cliché that Christians are cheap! Being cheap & frugal are two entirely different things. I'm not even going to address Christians that would download the film for free over the internet - that's an obvious sin of stealing regardless of the intention. Seriously Christians - let's support what we would like to see more of. I personally would rather spend $20 of my hard earned money on a Christian film, than $10 on a Hollywood blockbuster, because I want more quality Christian films. In the last five years, we are finally starting to see some quality Christian films & we want that trend to continue. So I urge you to search your hearts & support Christian film making.