Monday, August 31, 2009

That's a Wrap

Nearing 10pm last night, we got the final shot in the can of "Rising Stars." It was a bitter-sweet moment. Great to be finished and sad it's over all in the same emotion. The last shot was a wide angle of the control room for the reality show that records the finalist in the "Rising Stars" competition and included stars Fisher Stevens and Rebecca St. James.

Looking back, it was an ambitious shoot that we accomplished without going over, or compromising. If anything, the standards kept getting raised and there will be an incredible wealth of storytelling moments to work with in the editing.

Fisher was wonderful to work with. He's a great actor and well versed at improv. As a director, it was fun to watch him work. Kyle Riabko, in the words of Lauren Carter, was "perfect." Seriously. Don't know where to find any flaws in this guy. It's unreal. Lauren amazed me at her ability to go back, over and over to the well of emoting. Natalie Hall was made to dance. Leon Thomas and that voice. Jessie Payo. And all of them. Never before have I worked with a group poised on the verge of something big like this. My hat's off to the cast.


  1. Had the chance to visit your shoot the other day. Very impressive, especially to one who knows next to nothing about the other side of the camera. Really enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more from you and Ron. Keep up the good work!

  2. And thank YOU for everything! You are, as my peeps and I say, a "true blue". Next time you come to the city, I'll take you to my BBQ spot:D No dried fruit this time, I promise!