Sunday, August 9, 2009

Call For Extras

Here it is-- many people over the year ask me when and how. We start shooting Tuesday (Aug 11) and finish Sunday Aug 30. We will be shooting every Tuesday through Sunday for three weeks. All of it at the University of Texas in Arlington (between Dallas-Ft. Worth).

For instance, this Wednesday, we need kids to play a pick up game of soccer between 730am and 11am (show up at 730am). A big night where we would easily use a thousand extras is Thursday Aug 20 in the evening at Texas Hall.

So if you'd like to be an extra, contact Jeff Rodgers, . Please don't contact me. I'm swamped right now and will be till the end of the shoot.

What's it like to be an extra? If you've never been on a movie set, it's hurry up and wait. It might take a lot of time to set up a shot, then it takes only moments to shoot it. Then you're waiting again while we take a long time for the next setup. And you really have to be there the whole time. A lot of people bring a book.

So come on out and join the fun!

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