Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fountain of Life (or Algae)

Yesterday was camera test day. We have two reds and it was great to first put them on the bench together, shoot some tests and make sure they were matched. Then the camera team, gaffer, producers and I all met at UTA to shoot some test footage.

First, it was 103 degrees, so it wasn't too hard to act as the talent for the water test. At the big fountain, I plan on shooting a music video and wanted to try some different effect in and in one case, below the water.

First thing we learned-- the fountain needs some cleaning. A good shocking is in order. Second thing we learned-- the head under the water was interesting, but not quite right. But some of the other shots around the fountain work.

We also shot some campus life b-roll and a time lapse of the sunset. We might be able to use these in the movie. But all in all, it was great to get out with the camera crew and get started.


  1. Meeting with Michael Bevins today for wardrobe. Very excited:D
    103??!!! Remind me to carry a GALLON of water with me! Ha ha ha. But seriously.


  2. You certainly don't want to drink the water in this fountain.

    Saw the pics. Love the boots and bag.