Saturday, August 8, 2009

Seeing The Imposter

Occasionally, we get a request from a pastor to preview "The Imposter." This makes a lot of sense-- if I were pastoring a church, I'd want to be sure of a message before presenting it to the flock.

We tried early on to send screeners to preview, but this didn't work. There were multiple problems. And the biggest is that it becomes an administrative mess. So Producer Jeff Rodgers and I talked it over and Jeff suggested this solution:

A full money back guarantee... that if you order the movie for your church and you preview it when it comes in and it's not right, then send it back for the full refund. So far, we've had churches order it this way and not a single return. We feel pretty good about the movie, the message, and the ministry that comes from seeing it.

We've got some more screenings coming up and as I have the details will let everyone know (especially the Facebook Imposter Movie group... join if you haven't to keep up to date). We're in the middle of negotiating another DFW theater screening(s)... in Burleson where we shot most of the movie. That will probably be in late September.

If your church hasn't ordered it yet, please go to the movie's website and order it! Right now, I'm throwing in a free soundtrack when anyone orders the movie church license.

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