Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Prep is Over

Ready or not, when you finish prep (or pre-prodution), the shooting (Production) begins. To me, this is best described as a football analogy. You design the plays and you assemble the team. You practice and get everything ready. Then on game day, it's just executing what you've already worked out.

In football, the game is won in practice. Same with a movie. The movie is made in prep. Now that is over. In a few hours, as the darkness gives way to the light, when we have just enough to see, we'll do our first shot.

An interesting thing to note-- it's been right at 100 degrees, which in Dallas, with the humidity is extremely hot. I noticed last night, something unseen moved in and suddenly temperature predictions have dropped fifteen degrees starting on today's first day of shooting. Hmmm.

From this point on, I'll still blog about movie making, but the specifics about Rising Stars will go dark. There's a media ban as we take the strategy of keeping everything under wraps. No production stills or behind the scenes videos. But I will talk about how to make a movie. Just not RS.

As the shooting begins, let me know what you'd like to read about.

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  1. Can we call it "Sizing Arrrrrs"? Maybe that will work...they'll neeeever knoooow! Shhhhh