Friday, August 14, 2009

Commonly Uncommon

First up on my to do list this morning-- rip the note off the cooler. The Director's Chair is bad enough, but it was a gift from several of the production people including the producer.

So what's going on? On a movie set, the director and the actors are pampered. The production team works on keeping a protective bubble around them for the purpose of keeping the creative juices flowing. Getting in to the business side of things can take a Creative out of the moment.

Well, this becomes a big problem with my own struggle with Narcissism... my Ego. My Flesh that the Apostle Paul writes about. I do have a job, a purpose, a mission-- to direct to the very best of my abilities. This is not in question. Narcissism says "I am special (compared to others)." Yes, in God's eyes, I am special, but the Narcissist's "special" comes from a place of compensation.

You see, a Narcissists feels deep down that they're not special, so they work hard to convince everyone that in fact they are. So the balance here is that, yes, I am special, just like every other person on that set. And in the world. Each person has been uniquely and wonderfully made by God (Psalm 139). So I am commonly uncommon.

So the sign I saw on the cooler on set that read “Diet Cokes are for Dan only” violates this. I drink what everyone else is drinking. If there’s sodas for everyone, great. If not, then water, tea or whatever is available.

I missed this yesterday. I will not miss it today.

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  1. Leading by example. I like it.

    I remember reading an article about a young director who asked his assistant to get him a bottled water. The water was located under the director's chair... and he couldn't get it himself.

    That kinda stuff is just insane.

    I'm glad you're setting a more selfless approach to your role on set. It's a great example for others.