Monday, November 29, 2010


I had to laugh.  When I read a recent comment on a site about "The Imposter," I had to just shake my head and chuckle.

I do get asked about how negative reviews and comments make me feel-- or how they affect me.  In the beginning, it was harder-- being a little more unsure (let's call it insecure) of myself as a filmmaker, negative comments found a fertile target.  Some of the more negative and out there were actually easier to ignore and dismiss-- when they attacked me personally, I knew that it had nothing to do with me, but something stirred up the water in their own life.

The ones that picked apart mistakes I was already aware of were of no consequence either.  I knew what they were and I agreed with it.  The hardest comments and reviews were the ones that found mistakes I didn't want to admit.  These I had to chew on for awhile until I realized they were right.

So consequently, reviews/comments don't have as much effect on me today.  I find myself laughing at more of them.  Like the one in question above.

The comment went something like this-- this movie didn't even end, so it doesn't minister.  Like the viral episodic "Jesus People," there are different types of Christians out there.  And when I read that comment, I picture it being written by the uptight, hypocritical pharisee character in that show.  It's funny. 

The person writing this comment is waiting for God to zap people (for good or for punishment).  God to him is a logitician-- If you do A and B, then God will do C.  (Check out Larry Crabbe's book on people who walk out the law of linearity).  But God laughs at us.  I believe He's more interested in the process than the result... the journey rather than the destination.

Now I write reviews for fellow filmmakers and I attempt to be accurate, not cruel, pointing out the nice things as well as the things that can be improved.  As my mentor recently said-- I welcome examination, for if I'm correct, then I'm that much more resolute, and if I'm incorrect, it's a great opportunity to improve.  There is no bad with examination... only good.

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