Thursday, December 2, 2010

Screenfighting Details

We're getting closer to this Saturday's Workshop.  It's actually turning out to be one of our most popular ever.  I try to pick subjects that can be of value to actors that will help them get and keep roles.  As I've directed my movies, I've found that many actor's can't throw or receive a punch.  Or they hold a gun goofy.  Or they're afraid of a squib hit and it shows.

So "ta-da."  Screenfighting & SFX for Actors.  We've only got a couple seats remaining as of this posting.  Im going to pull down the registration pretty soon.  If you still see the button, it means you can still register.  It's all at .  Scroll down for the workshop.

Here's our agenda:

The Agenda looks something like this (subject to change):
9:00        Intros and Screenfighting (We will do a quiz early to determine first person to be squibbed)
10:30     Break (2nd Squibber is picked)
10:45     Screenfighting continues
12:00     Break for lunch – There are fast food places around—specifically a few miles south on 121, exit Beach Street.  Some people in the past have tried for a sit down at one of the restaurants back at the mall (820/183/121 convergence to the north), but everytime, they end up getting back late.
1:00        Start promptly—talk about Weapons with Doug Williams
2:30        Break
2:45        SFX with Steve Krieger (Last person is picked to be a Squibber)
4:30        Squib the lucky three participants
5:00        We’re done

I think it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to working with Steve Krieger, Scott Roland and Doug Williams.  I'm sending out an email to all those with confirmed seats.  If you think you are and don't get an email by tomorrow morning, you'd better contact me.

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