Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I have taken a nice vacation from the blog.  With the holidays and work, focus has been elsewhere.  Business has picked up-- been doing more commercial work.  And we're hoping to keep moving forward on the next feature film.  Here's to 2011.

We're in the midst of moving our offices as well.  We're in the Studios121 building in Fort Worth, and are moving our suite to #211.  If you have us in your address book, might be a good time to change our suite number.

In addition to Deadmen's Red and 5D, SFilms has just gotten a 7D DSLR.  Right now, we're doing a corporate film documentary style and enjoying shooting two cameras for it (the 5D along with the 7D).  Perfect for giving edit points on interviews.

We'll probably schedule some more workshops and seminars for February and March.  We have gotten a lot of buzz for the screenfighting and will probably break it down by day-- one day for firearms, one for fighting, etc.  We'll limit the class size to make sure good hands-on time can be had.  More info soon on that.

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