Monday, November 15, 2010

Screenfigting and SFX for Actors

I can still remember the first day I met "the Twins." We were at our production offices off Harry Hines in Dallas, gearing up for my first movie "The Keyman." We were having our first big production meeting and Susan Kirr, the UPM, introduced me to these two guys. They weren't identical, except in good solid character. I instantly liked them.

The Twins are Scott Roland and Steve Krieger. They're called that in the industry because they're usually inseparable. Best friends, they share a common bond of integrity and passion for making movies.

Steve Krieger is a Special Effects Supervisor. This means that is it burns up, blows up, explodes, or some other cinematic on screen trickery-- Steve's your man. Scott Roland is a Stunt Coordinator. He makes sure any stunts in the movie come off safely and effectively.

On one of my early movies, I learned that if I'm going to cast someone in a role that will need to throw a punch, I need to audition them doing that. It looks easy to fight on screen simply because the pros make it look easy. But sometimes, in my movies, I need an everyday actor to be able to throw a punch or take a punch. Or handle weapons like they know what they're doing. And, be able to act in the face of some expensive SFX shot.

So, I talked to the Twins, and we set a date for a workshop to help actors. On Dec 4th, we're going to teach "Screenfighting and SFX for Actors." It's only $49 and we're going to squib one or two lucky ones up in the afternoon. Register at .

We have to have a minimum number of attendees, so sign up asap if you plan on coming. One disclaimer-- this is not to teach actors how to be stuntmen.

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