Friday, November 12, 2010

It's All About Relationships

My movie is soooo important to God's kingdom. My song can change people's lives. My ministry will reach hundreds of thousands. Any of this sound familiar? If it does, you've bought into the Narcissists Gospel. (I know I do when I walk in my flesh).

In the beginning God... He created man and woman. The big deal for Him was walking in the garden with them. Relating. Relationship. It's not so much what you do. Whether you're the pastor of a mega church, or the hottest name in Christian music. Or the janitor. God's much more interested in your relationships than your work.

He asks His followers to make disciples. That's all about relationship. (Which is anathema to modern day evangelism-- which puts the emphasis on numbers not relationship).

I've said it before-- God can make a sunset that can reach down and touch the heart of man much more than any film I make. It's just a movie. It has no power to save anybody or anything. Sure, it can be a great tool, but let's not take our work so seriously.

Instead, I'm turning my mindset to these concentric circles: My relationship with God. My relationship with my family. My relationship with others.

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