Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Starting a Movie

So now is the season of starting-- I've got a script (that will always be in the process of fine-tuning) for "72".  I've got to do an official breakdown and budget for it and will do that in the next week or so.  But as we're still in the stage I call "Development", the biggest chore is the one that's the second hardest thing to do in indie filmmaking: Fundraising.

I've raised a little bit right now-- to get started.  But in order to get going, I have to hit a certain mark in funds raised or I will have to push back the shoot date.  How do I figure this math?  Well, it's actually pretty easy if you follow this formula.  How long is the shoot?  For me, it can be 18 days, done by 6 day weeks for three weeks.

So how long do I need for Pre-Production?  My formula is 1.5x where x=weeks of shooting.  So basically 4 and a half or round up to five weeks for prep.  So if I got a check for the budget today, the earliest we could be shooting would be late August.

Now I know that one of the name actors I'm talking to has October free, which suits me just fine.  So I back up five weeks and late August is the time to start prep.  And prep can't begin unless the money is solidly raised, contract with investor signed, and funds in the bank.  So I give myself until mid-August to get to that point.  That's one month away.  Four weeks.

::big breath::  So now I saddle up the ponies and get busy.  I've done this ride successfully four other times (and a couple not successful).  If I don't have the funds raised by mid August, then I push the schedule back to November.  I don't want to... but whatever happens, happens.

As a Disciple, I want to make sure I'm in His will-- this means His purpose.  What if I'm wrong about chasing this movie?  Well, God's purpose can't really be thwarted by me.  I'm pretty sure at some point I'll get that message through my thick skull.  And if it is His purpose, then nothing will stop Him from getting His movie made.  Not even me.

BTW-- if you want to make your own movie and find this kind of info helpful, I do have a 3plus hour DVD on all this and more called "Greenlight Yourself" and you can order it for $99 at .


  1. DM, is the "Greenlight Yourself" DVD available in any download form? audiobook, podcast, MP4, etc. etc. Thanks.

  2. Not yet. And it will be awhile, but I probably will do it.