Saturday, July 31, 2010

Acting and Auditioning

Almost a year ago, I was talking with several local actors and a couple of agents.  This market had lots of education for actors FROM actors.  But very little for actors FROM directors.  I mean, we sit on the other side of the audition table and shake your hand when you come in.  We glance at your headshot and briefly screen the resume.  Then we watch and listen as you put it all out there.  What are we thinking?  Haven't you wanted to know?

When you walk out, what do the director and producer talk about?  How much sway does the casting assistant or the reader have?  Is it wrong to talk too much or to talk too little?

I decided that the local actors needed some straight talk from a director of feature films.  So I created the first seminar-- "Acting: A Director's POV" and also married it with an Audition Workshop where they would get one on one time with me and also sit with me on auditions from this other side of the table.

It was a big hit and I've only done it that once.  Now I'm going to do it again.  We'll have the seminar, only $29 for half day (pick morning or afternoon) on Saturday August 21.  Or be one of the twelve for the audition workshop, which will include the seminar, and an all day, hands on Workshop on Sunday, August 22.  The two day is $150.

Click here for info and registration.

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