Tuesday, July 20, 2010

First day on "The Imposter"

It was a warmish January day.  First shot on "Imposter" was on the side of the Interstate.  A shot of a car passing by.  By this, the fourth movie, I had learned to ease into the shooting-- try not to kill yourself first up.  So we were south of Burleson, Texas, on the side of I-35W, waiting for our hero car to pass by.

We did about three takes.  Ron Gonzalez and I noticed a weird vignetting taking place.  This was my first non-film movie shoot.  We were using HVX200's with lens adapter and PL mounts.  But the PL mount was doing something pretty bizarre.  We eventually went back to our Nikon mount and had no more trouble.

After the car on the highway, we need to shoot the preceding scene, where Kevin' Max's character hitches a ride.  So we did that right there on the frontage road.  Everything went pretty smooth.

We moved to a nearby railroad crossing on a rural road for another shot of KMax traveling.   I remember looking out at the farm nearby and pointing out the cows to Stewart Young, our AD.  Stewart looked at them, then looked at me and said they were horses.  Oops.  Shortly after, I started wearing some prescription glasses.  Oh the joy of growing older.

The day ended at a house nearby, where I had to break the rule and shoot probably the most dramatic scene in the whole movie.  It took a long time to set up and the lighting wasn't great.  Then KMax was still getting settled into acting and overall it just didn't work.  Later, after watching the footage, I decided to reshoot this if we had the chance and two weeks later we did, and it was wonderful-- the lighting, the performance.

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