Saturday, July 24, 2010

"The Imposter"

This past February, our movie "The Imposter" was released in Christian bookstores everywhere and with Christian movie online stores.  For SFilms, this was our fourth movie and our first specifically targeted for the Christian market.  We feel we have made a movie with a very important message-- the effects of wearing masks and masquerades in the church and the importance of needing to pull them out and see the real you-- the beautiful and the ugly, so you can kill that part.

We need your help.  As we gear up for making more movies, the people that can partner with us take a look at how the movie has performed.  So if you haven't bought the movie, please go down to the nearest Christian bookstore or online portal and buy one.  If you have already, they would make a great gift.

It would be awesome if people kept going up to the manager at Lifeway, or Family Life requesting Imposter because they can't keep enough on the shelves.  If you like the movie, talk about it.  Share the link with your friends.  Encourage them to buy the movie.

In the upcoming months, it's critical that the big dollar people see this as the direction faith-based movies can go-- real, honest, where the rubber meets the road, kind of storytelling.  If you agree, we need your help and support.

Write about the movie in blogs and forums... on facebook and myspace.  If you have any ideas you'd like to see from me, let me know.  We gave away a few CD Soundtracks to help build the facebook group.  I'd be open to more things like that.

Most movies, even the bigger Christian films, have a lot of money spent on advertising and marketing.  We've spent very little.  We're hoping that the most powerful form of advertising through the centuries will work here-- word of mouth.  So please help us spread the word.  If I can find a way to recognize our biggest cheerleaders for this movie-- I'd be gad to send a CD Soundtrack or an original script.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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  1. This looks like it's likely to be an awesome movie, since it's about Christian rock music, and since it includes appearances by Kerry Livgren of Kansas, AD, etc.