Sunday, July 11, 2010


Jesus wasn't hip and cool.  Sure people liked Him for his parlor tricks, signs and wonders.  But instead of capitalizing on that popularity, He would preach harsh words that sent the crowds packing.  In John 6, they all leave to the point that Jesus turns to the 12 and asks "what about you?"

In this American church culture, we borrow from the American culture with rules like "if you're well-liked, then you're doing right!"  And "numbers justify whatever you do."  "Don't offend."  Well, Jesus was one that was not afraid to offend.

So what I'm seeing, as I study those that worked hard to be a disciple of Jesus, is that they became lonelier and lonelier.  So here's a word for you today-- do you want to draw closer to Jesus?  Then don't plan to win popularity contests, or be thought of as the "cool" one.  As a matter of fact, the more you chase God's purpose for your life, the more you'll realize the people you thought you shared common vision, just isn't accurate.

Very few people are dedicated to being a disciple of Jesus... sure, many *say* they're dedicated to that, but how many can be convicted in a court by their actions and not just lip service?

Imitate Jesus.  If you dare.


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  2. Exactly right! There is nobody among us today that appears worthy or even interested in trying. As Christians we should be ashamed of ourselves, we have become consumed with the world and what everyone else thinks that we have forgotten our purpose. The world is in a very sad place today and we are failing Him as believers. No body is willing to risk his life or give up earthly treasures to rock the boat for Christ or change the world for Christ. I don't see how the great commission can ever be acheived in this world. If can't be achieved, then He isn't returning until it is. This world is going to become one horrible place for a very long time I'm afraid.