Sunday, April 25, 2010

Super Spiritualize Me

In our Band of Christian Brothers, we have a rule that reads "no super-spiritualizing."  So what does this mean exactly?  Our definition is: religious answer without going through the process.

Let's say you've been stealing.  You come to the altar, convicted and morose.  You cry.  You leave your heavy burden there.  Your sin is as far away as the east from the west.  You're washed water than snow.  Then you leave the church and on the way out, steal the offering.  But that's okay, because you dealt with your issue of stealing.  You prayed and left it at the cross.

When confronted with a sin in my life, I'd like the Easy button... you know the one.  You push it and hard work becomes easy.  Yes, my sin is forgiven.  The power of the cross is very real.  So confronted, I'd like to just say the magic words and make it all go away.  The spiritual sweeping under the carpet.

Sin is forgiven.  To continue in that sin is to not repent.   Yes the first part is to confess, the second is to repent.  But that can be very, very hard work.  I'd much rather just say "I prayed and left that at the cross, so there."  As Paul writes, to continue in sin is to crucify Jesus again and again.  To be His disciple, I want to stop that, more than I want the payoff of the sin.

And you see, that's the key to repentance.  You'll only repent when you decide the payoff for the sin isn't worth it.

This is the daily battle I will have until I die.

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