Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Mac Attack

I'm not being paid by Apple for this blog, but wish I was. (Hey Apple, feel free to ship me an iPad for the callout). For those that know me, you know I enjoy technology. I love computers. I'm no programmer, but I can usually get around an operating system okay. Friends and family usually call me when they have a problem. When I call tech support, first level, I usually speak to someone who's ESL and I can hear them typing in my question to the general knowledge database (which I had already done).

I have been using PC's since Windows 2. I used a Mac in the mid nineties when I got my first Avid editing system. But it was used only for that and photoshop. Then all that software became available for the PC and boom, was back to that environment. Two years ago, I got a new Mac for Final Cut Pro (Avid was incredibly buggy and kept crashing). Slowly, as computers die, I've been replacing them with Macs.

All that's to not boost my Ego, but to give a reference point for the comments fortwit. What I'm going to write about is the difference between PC's and Mac, talking about the pluses and minuses. Here goes.

On the Plus side for PC's is software and cost. The Windows operating system is an open type environment where most anyone can grab code and create programs with relative ease. (This plus is also why you have viruses in the PC world). And cost-- comparing apples to well ummm apples, you can run down to Costco and get a pretty powerful computer for the price of an iPad. I bought an iMac to replace a computer for around $1400 or so. You can get more computing muscle for the same money.

On the minus side for PC's-- viruses, bugs, crashes (though Mac has them too, but not as often IMO), slow downs (registries get very messy), complicated tasks. On the virus side alone, this can equal out the greater cost of the Mac. And my conspiracy side wonders why Norton or MacAfee don't have a department for creating viruses and regularly sending them out for ultimate job security and guaranteed revenue.

My PC's all get incredibly slow. I then buy a Registry cleaner and it improves a little. But it get's slower and slower. Every computer. Every time.

So let's take a byte out of Apple for a moment. Sure the marketing says it's "cooler" to be a Mac. But what are the real advantages or disadvantages? Remember, for all those taking up arms on one side of the issue or the other-- I use BOTH, and have for many years. Mac's are more resistant to viruses. Tasks are much more intuitive (making operating a Mac easier). iMac's are one piece... no more separate monitor and computer box.

On the downside, there's not as much software available.. though you can argue you can run Windows based inside Mac, but I'm not going to go there. My problem, the last time I bought a PC, was that though I wanted a Mac, I had thousands and thousands of dollars in PC software that would mean buying it all over again for the Mac. That one issue was the deciding factor at that point. Since then, I've started slowly accumulating software for Macs. And when this laptop dies, it will be the end of PC's for me as primary computer.

Another downside for iMac specifically, because of the one piece construction, upgrading is difficult. But you can buy Macs that can be upgraded.

Unless something very specific calls for it, or some dramatic change occurs, I will not buy another PC. Yes, I have bitten the Apple and recommend to people who ask, to go Mac.

This blog was entered on a PC running Vista. For now.


  1. I've had a MacBookPro for two years, and never had it crash once.

    I'm also anxious to see how cool of a tool an iPad could be on set. Imagine having all of your production notes, schedules, storyboards, shot lists, etc. as well as internet access available at the swipe of a finger on a small, lightweight tablet. Could be very handy for producers and directors on set.

  2. Yup! Already, you can turn your iPhone into a Director's Viewfinder.

  3. does ESL mean English as a second language? I can't figure out for the life of me what that means.