Monday, April 26, 2010

The Mod VOD

Very several years, VOD (Video On Demand) has been lurking around as a slow growing weed that just never seemed to be able to take.  VOD is simply the ability to download, or view instantly, usually over the internet (or cable) movies and television shows.

On paper, sounds like a great idea.  Want to see the season finale of "The Shield?"  Just watch it on your computer when you want to.  So why has this technology been so slow to be adopted?  Because people sink lots of dollars into their home entertainment system, and even as good as computers are getting, sitting at your desk is not the same as sitting on your sofa with surround sound.

Until recently.  Netflix is leading the charge for a new VOD.  This time, instead of sitting at your computer screen, Netflix uses your PS3 or Wii to access its "Play Now" library of titles.  The quality is good.  You can eat chips and sip diet coke in your recliner, with the show up on the big screen.

Mark this time, VOD will finally start to grow like a wild fire.  Now VOD finally makes sense.  Physical rentals will go down as VOD goes up.

It's a new era.


  1. Been using Netflix to watch old episodes of Arrested Development in HD through my Blu-Ray player. Quality is amazing. This might sound ambitious, but Netflix could change the way we get our movies and shows. It really depends on how the networks and studios embrace (or fight) the technology. However, I feel like it already has enough traction to not go the way of the electric car.