Sunday, April 11, 2010

Imposter FAQ

We're now doing more and more print and media interviews for the movie. I am seeing some common questions and comments and will focus this post on the most common.

When I wrote the script, it was my first "faith-based" story... first movie directly intended for the church audience. I had done three secular movies to that point. I had been bothered by some Christian films that had the central core of the message be "come to Jesus and all your problems will be solved." That is NOT what happens. Don't believe me? 11 of the 12 disciples came to Jesus and met violent deaths for it.

Even today, making a choice to follow Jesus is a choice to stand against the current. Most of the time, problems aren't magically solved and Jesus isn't Santa Claus, giving you a nice shiny Lexus, complete with a ribbon and bow on it.

As I wrote in the movie, often times, God's more interested in me going through a process than zapping me with spiritual morphine.

So as I wrote the script, intent on making it more "real" than most other faith-based stories out there, I was concerned the church, the very audience I was aiming this message at, might reject it because it's not syrupy, all tying up nicely in the end.

The most asked question/comment stems from everyone finding this approach "refreshing." Interviewers are quick to praise the movie for not tying it up nicely. And for this, I'm grateful. I was afraid this might alienate the intended audience. Nice to see it's in fact, the thing people like most about the movie.

So what are your thoughts?

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  1. Great read. I might be atheist but we see eye to eye on what religion and faith should mean to people.