Monday, April 5, 2010

Can I show "The Imposter" to my group?

This is a frequent question... And more specifically, it's "can I buy the DVD from the store or from Amazon, then show it to my church group, even if it's small?"

The answer is usually "no." And the surface reason is that it's against the law-- when you "buy" a DVD, you're actually not buying the movie, you're buying a "license" to watch it. Because the movie stays the ownership of the producers and distributors. The DVD's at the store are all "home license" versions.

So what's the big deal? "I just want it to minister to the people at my church, or that we're outreaching to." Well, if you show the home licensed version to your group at church, me and my family won't get paid for the work we did... because, people who see it there now decide there's no need to buy it.

I'm not on staff at any church-- this is my livelihood and it's how I'm providing for my family. And the movie was made because investors believed-- so I have a responsibility to them. I'm not living in a fancy house, driving fancy cars-- my family lives in the same house my wife and I bought after we got married.

And what I'm really hoping to do is make more movies. I'd have no problem you showing the movie to your small group if most went out and bought the movie too. Or, PureFlix is setup to grant you an "exhibition license," click here. Plus, PureFlix can help you put on a strong event-- posters, tickets, trailers etc.

If you like the movie, please support us. Hopefully, we'll have more soon.

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