Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You are the One!

Youth groups across the globe are telling their young audience that "they are the ones that God is going to use, like never before, to reach this world." On that outside, that sounds noble. Sounds like Godly ambition. Sounds familiar.

Yup, heard it in my generation. And the problem with this message is that it perpetuates the "me-centered Gospel", or the Narcissists Gospel. Why? Because *you* are the one, *you* are special and can go where no one else has gone.

Sure my youth pastor readers, encourage and exhort. But encourage them to "obey" and be "faithful" to whatever the Master asks. And sometimes, the Master doesn't ask for you to fill the biggest football stadium in the world to preach to thousands, to impact the globe in His name.

Sometimes the Master asks for you to clean your room. Or obey your parents. Or actually spend time listening and learning to hear His voice.

I know some youth walking around with this "arrogance." You see, they've been hammered that "they are special." So they don't have to actually work at being a Disciple. They don't have to pray. Read the Bible. They just have to sing/preach/minister/lead.

I interviewed Steve Camp back in the 80's and he said this. "What the Christian music scene needs is no more people who can sing or play. It needs people who know their Bible more than they know their keyboard."

Yes, the youth pastor is correct-- you *can* be the one. Just like everyone else, young and old, can be the one. Remember, you're special. Just like everyone else. Ps. 139.

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