Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Cancer. The word carries an incredible heaviness... a connotation of life-changing, hard-work ahead, dread.

Cancer refers to cells out of control. They've mutated and they destroy and attack the healthy cells around them. Sometimes they form tumors. Sometimes not (like in Leukemia).

I've never had cancer. No one in my immediate family has had cancer. I know people who have died from the disease. I know people who have survived.

A couple years ago, when confronted with deep-rooted, ego (flesh) issues, my mentor likened it to cancer. I wanted the quick fix... cut it out, chop it off, push the magic button... but that's not usually God's way. Apostle Paul wrote about having the thorn in his flesh-- clearly it was something that God did not remove, even through Paul's impassioned pleas. It was God's purpose for Paul to have that thorn. In God's opinion, it was best for Paul to have that thorn.

And just as clearly, Paul recognized and understood that he would have the ego (flesh) to deal with until the day he died. He wrote about crucifying the flesh daily.

The ego is cancer. It's something every single one of us lives with. A lot of it I can't see in myself, but it might be obvious to others. Some of it lurks deep in tissue and only when certain stresses or situations arise does it rear it's ugly head. But as with all cancer, it needs to die. I can't control this cancer. I can't teach the cancerous cells to be good cells. Or at least not-so-bad cells. Can't be done.

So my life will be one of spiritual chemo treatments until I die. Since everyone has this disease, treatment is a choice. Many choose to not have treatment. Many choose to not even listen to the diagnoses... it's denial.

But a few decide to undergo treatment. And these few, these Christians, these true Believers, disciples of Jesus, are and always will be a work in progress.

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