Monday, March 15, 2010

Easy Bake Ovens

I was talking to my friend, songwriter for "Rising Stars" Ben Reynolds. We were discussing how in God's perspective, people bristle with self importance. I brought up how I've seen, time and time again, Christian artists say they're going to take a city in His name, or an industry, or a million people. Because God had told them to.

You see, I think God just wants us to obey. From what I read in the Bible, it doesn't fit his character to ask me to win a million souls with my movie. He can make a sunset that could do that. I won't even get into the evanglical power (or lack thereof) of a film to "disciple" people. I believe film a powerful tool, but nonetheless, just a tool.

Anyway, so Ben and I are talking about this and Ben pulls out an analogy that was simply marvelous. He talked about how he sometimes felt maybe he was a little three year old in God's kitchen. And he's telling God how important his little cake he's making on the easy-bake is. God just chuckles as He cooks the real meal.

Yes, I've been totally wrapped up in my own work (and again, let's call this the Narcissist's Gospel). God chuckles at my bristling with self importance. But you know, it doesn't all hinge on me or my works. And what an arrogant position for me to be in, thinking that.

To obey is better than sacrifice.

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