Sunday, March 14, 2010

Child Acting: A Director's POV

As I've started to do the occasional seminar and workshop, I've gotten quite a few requests from parents about their child actor. And by child I mean any minor from zero to sixteen or seventeen.

So on March 27, I'm going to have a workshop for both the child/teen and the parent to go over this business from the director's point of view. We will cover some basics like agents and managers, quick tips for acting for children, we'll workshop a little bit of scene work, cover auditions-- all of this coming from a different perspective-- The Director's.

If you're interested, click here for more details and registration.

I've worked with children in every movie I've directed. I've auditioned a ton. And I have stories of things that went right and things that can be improved. And for every child actor, there's a parent right there-- and that's why I'd like both to attend... I want to talk to the parents as well about this business.

Hope you can come.

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