Thursday, September 3, 2009

Victimology 101

I'm disappointed right now because a friend walks in a robe of "victimization." This masquerade is a work of evil, yet most people aren't even aware of that it's bad. For those Believers out there reading, I'll back this up with the Bible. Did Jesus ever consider himself a "victim?" Did he ever complain about his life? He certainly had ever "right" to do so. He was constantly falsely accused. He was treated harshly by the religious nuts of the day. He was even murdered. Yet no complaining. No "victimization."

You see, playing the victim card says that you don't believe in Purpose. Paul writes in Rom 8:28 that "all things work together for the good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose." So in wrapping yourself up in a cloak of victimization, you're saying that God (through Paul) got it wrong. That not *all* things don't always work for good. There are some things that don't.

Now, I do believe this applies to heavy duty stuff (remember Jesus was murdered, yet it was Purpose), but in the cases I'm seeing, it's much lighter stuff. You see, if someone refuses to confront what she sees as an inequity at her workplace, yet complains to people who can not affect change, she's being a Victim. And she's getting a Payoff.

It takes courage to confront. But the real payoffs are enormous.

So sadly, the friend aforementioned, obviously gets a Payoff from wearing this costume. Otherwise, she'd throw it off. I have no doubt, she has grown comfortable with complaining and playing the victim as others reach out and say "oh my poor girl, you're so misunderstood." Of course, that response does nothing more than enable.

I think I have to play hardball. I have to call it for what it is and let their choices stand. Hopefully she'll drop the masquerade and walk in wholeness. We'll see.

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