Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Edit Experience

I've been locked away in the edit room finishing syncing and re-organizing all the footage. I've been able to do some editing, but mainly just been combing through everything. Some interesting things about this Red edit...

File Management is still a work in progress for Red data. The path people were using (a recent movie was utilizing Red Rushes to create proxies, and on our second day, the editor contacted us to tell us the proxies didn't link up and they had to totally re-lay all the clips down as they started the color process) has proven to be problematic. So we're using the log and transfer in Final Cut to pull in our 2K proxies.

Some interesting hurdles-- some proxies only have a few seconds and I've had to re-transfer them back in. Also, some mislabeling has led to some problems, so it's requiring more time spent just going through everything.

The editor from that other project, Sam Crutsinger, is an expert in Red and FCP. He took time yesterday to share with me some Quick Keys (macros is the term int he PC world) that made syncing up sound a lot quicker and easier. What he does to quicken the whole process is amazing.

Late today, after messing around and editing about 7 or 8 scenes, I began with Scene 1 and will continue tomorrow building from the beginning.

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