Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Acting: A Director's POV

I'm thinking, very seriously, of having a seminar to talk to actors about the craft from a Director's point of view. I get asked almost everyday questions about how to get into movies, how to get into acting, how to get into one of my movies.

I've had people approach the right way and the wrong way (my wife can tell you a scary story about a knock on the door and an actor with a headshot wondering if I was home-- he didn't get seen). I've answered questions about how to find an agent, what classes to take, how to get good headshots made.

For those who've been reading my blog, you saw a bunch written about the Director's View from the other side of the audition table. And I can tell you what this director looks for and what he doesn't.

I've worked with great actors and not so great on preparing for their role. What are the questions that are best to ask and which one's aren't.

Then once you get to the set, what's important to know? What's proper set etiquette? What does the Director mean by that word of direction?

I could easily make it a day and possibly even workshop a fewer number on a second day. Some of the local casting people have told me this would be very helpful. What do you think?


  1. I think it's a great idea! I was an actor before becoming a writer/director and working behind the camera in television and everything you can offer to those actors would be so helpful.

    There's a difference between scholastic education and real world education. They get jobs in the real world, so it would be a great thing to do.

  2. BTW - we plan to talk up The Imposter on our next Basking in the Son podcast ( Do you have any audio clips we could use to augment the segment? We're doing a music-themed show and wanted to let people know about the film and how to setup a church screening. Most of the info I got off of the website, but we'd like to add some audio clips to it if possible.

    You can email me at pbauer at hotmail.