Monday, September 14, 2009

Ticket for the Right Compartment

I've heard people talk about "compartmentalizing" and maybe because of all the syllables, it rolled right through my head. I didn't really take the time to sum up a visualization. But today I did.

So, it's like a tackle box, with all sorts of dividers. I can put hooks in one section and bobbers in another without the two ever meeting (why, they're compartmentalized). Or a train ticket where you get to ride in a compartment. Maybe it's big. Maybe it's small. But mingling among travelers doesn't happen all that much. Because people are compartmentalized.

I was told some people compartmentalize their Christianity. So I had to really chew on this. A person put's his or her faith into a compartment so that it doesn't touch another area of their life. Church fits here. Social life fits there. All nice and tidy. It explains why one guy can confess (really, more like brag) about the women he's had while married, yet be involved in church, smiling to all the visitors and handing out bulletins.

Another visual that comes to mind is Jesus taking the time to braid a whip and take it to the money changers in the Temple. He was clearing the dividers that made up compartments.

Conclusion: I know that in my own life, I have compartments. I must tear those down as I discover them. It's the only way to live in Truth.

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