Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Thoughts on Jesus - The Opinions Herein Are My Own

I think Jesus has a great sense of humor and laughed with the disciples.
That He had rough skin from being outside all the time.
That He slept very little.
I believe that He never held a cuddly lamb over His shoulders.
I don't think He got offended easily.  That His feelings weren't "hurt."  He looked beyond that.
That He wasn't afraid to hurl an insult for a purpose. (He called a gentile woman a "dog.")
He had very poor publicity strategies.  He didn't know that when they rush to make you King, you don't choose that moment to preach hardest message.
He wasn't the hip/cool one.
I don't think He sported any tats.  Not that it's wrong, it's just not important to Him.
I don't believe He posed, gazing slightly up and to the right, while looking oddly feminine. 
I think He was unpredictable.
He didn't fly in a jet provided by the money from His followers.
Jesus didn't pick the "most likely to succeed" as His cabinet.
He didn't care what the religious people thought of Him.
He didn't find His value in the number of disciples He had.
He didn't find His value in other people.
Jesus prayed a lot.  Usually alone and away from the guys.
He didn't have a light show.
Music wasn't the center piece of His ministry.
I don't think He would Facebook.  (His disciples maybe, but He wouldn't use time for that-- He wants real Face to Face time).
Jesus was Jewish.
He didn't have a graphic tee under his robe.
Politics wasn't His thing.
It wasn't all about the coolest designer glasses.  One touch from Him anyway...
I believe He was tired a lot, but walked through it.

Just some random thoughts.

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