Monday, May 3, 2010

The 6 Phases of Filmmaking

Years ago, after the first or second movie, as I'd get invited to speak about the process, I boiled down making a movie to six parts:
1. The Idea
2. Development
3. Pre-Production
4. Production
5. Post Production
6. Distribution

I quickly learned that most filmmakers, if they study at all, study predominately phase 4, Production.  That's where the fun is.  Camera angles, actors, blocking, shooting.  But the area that trips most people up are numbers two and six.  And filmmakers know the least about these areas.

Development includes fundraising.  And as I get ready to do it yet again for the next films, I am constantly reminded how hard it can be.  I teach about setting up the entity, how to become a salesperson, how to close the deal.  And in the "Greenlight Yourself" seminar, we probably spend the most time right here.  On the DVD, I just finished the rough edit for Development.  (Pre order click here).

Distribution is the other area that most filmmakers are foggy on.  And if they chose to remain clueless, when they get to this point, they might find it's too late.  For instance, the importance of still photography is often overlooked.  The distributors *have* to have good stills for marketing and advertising.  And the list for deliverables can be over 20 pages of items.  You might be surprised by everything on that list.

Five years ago I thought about making a DVD to go through all this and finally I'm doing that.  Click that link above to get our pre-sale special discount.  I'll be ready to ship them in about three weeks.

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