Thursday, September 15, 2011


To lead by public opinion poll may be fine for Bill Clinton, but in the church the result (from James 1) is a double-minded man unstable in what he does.  A Disciple leads according to the Word.  (John 8:31-- Jesus says if you continue in my Word, then you really are my Disciples).

A church leader who is swayed by the more vocal gossip in the congregation, and not by any convictions he has from the Word, is that double-minded man.  If you want a large church, sure, you might need to lead by opinion polls.  Leading by the Word, will at times, make you unpopular.  So for the popular-minded-- you'll need to pick and choose which verses are suitable for your personal goals.

Years ago when I was in college, we were working on an evangelistic drama piece.  A church leader didn't like one of the actors.  He said he needed to be more "Christ-like."  Because he believed inaccurate gossip not handled scripturally (Matt 18).  Makes me wonder if he means Christ-like holding a cute little lamb?  Christ-like leaving footprints on the beach?  Christ-like running after the rich young ruler saying "just kidding, you can be my disciple just as you are, no need to change!"

Or could he mean Christ-like where Jesus insulted the gentile woman calling her a dog, or Christ-like looking in the chief disciple eyes and speaking to Satan?  Or Christ-like taking a whip to the money people in the temple? Or Christ-like where he told the rich young ruler what he needs to give up in order to follow Him, and then watched him walk away?

There's a huge disconnect here.  I hope my image of who Jesus is is based on scripture and not on church culture.  Of course, that would mean I'd have to actually read the Bible.

I'm just saying.

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